In Quixote partridges, have partridge (Alectoris rufa) 100×100 pure, with complete assurance, our partridges have passed, the analysis R.F.E.C, partridge consortium FEDENCA genetics laboratories that today is the method that gives more security and is approved in several communities, the FEDENCA can make you a report or certification, the difference between the two that the report the breeder can put the technician who draws blood there may be fraud on the part of the hatchery, certification in the technical FEDENCA sends you for blood collection, (not related to the farm), these partridges as they say do not give the other hatcheries 3% o el 2% hybridization and their partridges or what is the same very low hybridization (and it is hybrid) as if it were a normal thing, partridges Quixote has certification or absence of hybridization 0,00% hybridization, I know some farms and some hunting and fishing ministries there partridges giving 0,00%. Some breeders say it's impossible to get the 0,00% but it is false, is because they can not offer pure partridge, You can see our certificate of purity on the link, giving the absence of hybridization, we do not tell other breeders who say they have a certificate of purity and do not teach (puts the certificate because the degree of hybridization), Quixote partridges in if you can see signed and sealed by the consortium partridge FEDENCA, you can visit the facilities and partridges with no obligation. Partridges Quixote complies with the law in force in Spain and at community level health, genetics, facilities, staff and approved vehicles. From here a short time all the ministries of Spain hunting and fishing you will require these features and partridges with this hybrid detection method, and there are communities that are putting problems in Shuttle and loose.