All our installations comply with the current laws of Spain and EU, space, health, disinfection.

Our hatchery can supply several thousand chicks a week.

The ships have a breeding 700 meters

Flights parks are built in an olive grove, giving enough height and several meters long for flight, the terrain is a mountain 95% stones and a 5% Ground, what we get is that the waters are filtered so that no puddle with garbage and drinking no depriving many foci of infection, Garbage also falls under rocks, what we also got to have this land is if any circumstances have to serve the next day partridges have rained partridges will not muddy, parks have sheet feeders for the compound feed but also with the olives hanging feeders for wheat, wheat are also distributed on the floor, since this system hung feeders have many olives it preserves, generally what we want to achieve is that the partridges have a great flight and healthy vallan, and when you do not loose much impact and adapt to the ground as soon as possible, also achieve that extresen least taking fewer casualties.