Very good welcome and thanks for visiting Jesus called me and I'm the owner of partridges Quixote, want to tell you a little something for our company to get to know us better. We started our journey of raising partridges 1990, with a machine 405 eggs and a plot of 600 m, and today we are a leader in Spain, can provide several thousand farms partridge chicks and adult partridges week, last year our partridges came to France and Portugal, this year with a view to England. The success of our partridges is genetic and is well adapted to cold and heat due to our continental climate of hot and cold, We are located in the foothills of the mountains of Toledo, have the cold northern and southern heat. We also specialize in selling all kinds of accessories for all kinds of farm animals or pets individual. Another thing that distinguishes us is our relationship with our customers, very friendly and at the same time serious and trustworthy. I apologize if anyone would like to to express how bad throughout the whole page, but what and done all my life is to work.